Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just Seen and Dashed Off: Matt Hutton at the ICA in Portland

I just saw the current show at MECA’s Institute of Contemporary Art in Portland, Maine, and cannot rave enough about Matt Hutton’s contribution to A Perpetual Present: 2011 MECA Faculty Selects Exhibition. He is Associate Professor and Program Chair of Woodworking & Furniture Design at the Maine College of Art. Most of the works are wall-mounted and their predominant material is wood of course. Hutton manages to combine superb craftsmanship, intellectual edge, and aesthetic refinement to create incredibly sensitive work. For instance, County Line Road (above) evokes utility poles but in such an understated and smart way that any association becomes only added bonus. And the delicacy of Oblique (below), in which the slightly askew band of one compositional element is set off by another, is a tour de force of texture, color, and placement. There are many more pieces to get excited about. Go see for yourself by December 23.

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