Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just Seen and Dashed Off - Jeff Kellar

I just saw Jeff Kellar's show LOCATIONS at ICON Contemporary Art in Brunswick. For those who know his work, there are a few new departures to observe. The show includes mostly wall pieces of his familiar combination of resin, clay and pigment on aluminum panels (but there are also a few sculptures). They have his trademark spare compositions of two colors interacting in fields and lines to suggest pictorial space that sometimes seems to contradict our knowledge that we are looking at flat surfaces.

Overall, the new work seems slightly more simple in composition than previous bodies of work. Especially the black-and-white pieces titled Walls or Wall Drawing seemingly describe architectural interior spaces less ambiguously than before. Of those i find Wall Drawing 16 (black/white) (a bad snapshot of it above) most interesting as it retains openness, ambiguity of spatial relations, and asymmetry. The other, more colorful work of vibrating arcs, intersecting lines and interpenetrating planes is closer to earlier work, yet feels more condensed (Lines Cross (green) below). There are also a few works in which individual marks float in a field of color that remind me of Sol LeWitt.

Jeff Kellar: LOCATIONS at ICON Contemporary Art, Brunswick until October 16 - 207.725.8157

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